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Being on the road is a unique experience.

Sometimes it feels strange, as we have to leave right after a concert,


but I always liked to get a sensation of the places I visited, and would prefer less sleep, to walk and feel the streets, the sounds and the smells of Seoul, San Fransisco, or London. . .

Not so easy to few years ago, I added to my bag a Camera, with the idea that sometimes a picture says much more than words.

I also enjoy to make portraits of musicians I travel with, or meet…
Music for the eyes, space, rhythm,  silences;


I see more and more connections between those two worlds.


The way to look at things and the way to listen can be very close, and in both sides for me the main idea is to explore genuinely. 





All Pictures by Kevin Seddiki / Tous droits réservés ©





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All Pictures by Kevin Seddiki / Tous droits réservés ©

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