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K e v i n  S e d d i k i 



​​"Listening to this wonderful music, there’s an obvious affinity between the two musicians that simply sparkles with glorious rays of light. Refreshing and engaging, the duo have undoubtedly honed their skills and ideas over the years, the resulting music recorded here sounding resplendent and complete."

-UK Vibe ( Mike Gates ) 

Kevin Seddiki is a truly unique musician.


Trained in classical guitar from a very young age, he has brilliantly continued along this demanding path, while also allowing himself to stray from a purely classical route, drawing inspiration from jazz, improvisation and music from across the globe. Kevin has also studied the Zarb, the queen of the Persian drums, with the legendary Chemirani family…


Along the way, he has crossed paths with Dino Saluzzi, Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Philip Catherine, the Voce Quatuor, Al Di Meola, Michel Legrand, Vincent, Segal, Phillipe Jarrousky...


Kevin Seddiki doesn’t conform to one musical syntax. His imagination has led him to create a unique language, like a brilliant tapestry, where threads from across the world mingle with a passion for all forms of improvisation and a perfect blend of space and silence.


His sensitive and profound musicality, outstanding technique and exceptional sense of rhythm has allowed Kevin to dance between varied musical idioms, breaking down borders, his choices guided by his tireless search for excellence.


His unique language with the guitar is based on solid technique and the freedom that gives him to constantly explore new sounds, creating a deep and generous style that has become his signature. 


In 2020, his album Rivages came out on the prestigious ECM label. On Rivages, Kevin dialogues with another free thinker, the accordionist Jean-Louis Matinier. The unique language they have created has already led them across the world and their collaboration is only just beginning.


Kevin Seddiki is never short of inspiration. He continues to experiment and create in solo works and also in duos with Vincent Ségal or Erik Truffaz.


Kevin knows how to take the time to let his exciting new ideas mature… we'll be hearing from him again very soon...

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